People say, “It is not about the money,” or “There’s more to life than money.”   Those same people are either broke or living paycheck to paycheck.   I agree there is more to life than money BUT without money, I cannot have the life I want to live in order to serve people the way I want to serve them.  Do you think the phone company will accept loving kindness instead of money for this month’s bill?  Probably not.  So, whether you agree or not, today’s society relies very much upon money to keep it going.

The financial industry trades ‘currency’.  Currency means “a medium of exchange”, for example, money.  The word ‘current’ is defined as “to flow” or something that moves in a particular direction.  We can shift our conversation and beliefs around money to something more ‘acceptable’ by saying that money is an energetic current and a medium of energetic exchange that circulates or flows in a particular direction without obstruction. Money has to flow.

Since we live in a world of duality, as money flows out (give), we must allow money to come back in (receive).  Many people are not willing to receive money when it is given to them, even as a gift.   I know high net worth individuals who have money to give yet they struggle to find anyone seriously willing to receive their money to use it wisely.

Recently a friend’s daughter was getting married and invited me to India as his guest.  I hadn’t budgeted for the trip so I put it out there to manifest the money to cover expenses.  During our conversation, I asked my friend how much the hotels would be and he said he was paying for them; he told me just to come.  I accepted and thank him for his gift.

If you don’t accept a person’s gift (which they have probably paid for in time or money), you are disrupting the flow of money energy by blocking it.

At some point in my strategy sessions, the client’s conversations always seem to include their cash flow challenges. What amazes me is that, despite them being spiritual, ‘in tune’ and conduct courses on life purpose and manifesting, they still seem to struggle to pay the bills.  Does this sound familiar to you?

So why do so many people struggle to manifest a continuous stream of money?    It always comes back to mindset, which also includes the language you use about prosperity on a daily basis.  A friend told me that years ago her and her husband manifested money but it was always just enough.  They had the ‘just enough’ mindset and had used those exact words in conversation.  Once they changed their thought and language to ‘more than enough’ and ‘plenty of money’, their financial challenges disappeared.

Many mindset experts encourage you to write down what you want to happen as well as your goals.  In Catherine Ponder’s “Open Your Mind to Prosperity”, she highlighted how important it is to write out what you want to eliminate in your life first, then list what you want to manifest.  It makes sense.  We must acknowledge the unpleasant and the pleasant.  She goes on to state that “the function of elimination is twofold: to eliminate error and to expand your good”.

How many times have you really wanted something to happen and it didn’t?  It could be that there is still something you need to ‘clear’ or eliminate.  The longer you wait to fully clear the block, the longer you will have to wait to see the ultimate results you desire.

The other possibility why your desire is not manifested is that it may only be a surface desire, meaning that it may not be in line with your higher good.  Surface desires pass away; divine desires remain at the core of your being and will always support your Higher Purpose.

I saw a colleague at a spiritual festival recently and she was very excited to celebrate the release of her first tarot deck.  She said she needed to see me and wanted to know my rates. I told her and she said she would have to put it off after her trip to the USA to attend a conference as she didn’t have the money.  This conference had the potential to springboard her and her product into the USA market (which I know particularly well).  I corrected her “negative” language then said, “You manifested the cards, manifest the money to have a session with me – before the USA!”  She booked her session two days later.   

Let the Universe support you.  Be mindful of your negative mindset language and don’t let your Ego stop you!    When you are confident in your beliefs and positively state what you want or need to the Universe (or God, etc.) with conviction and clear purpose, you will be taken seriously.