Student Rights and Responsibilities

All students have the right to:

  • Be treated fairly and with respect by all students and staff;
  • Learn in a supportive environment which is free from harassment, discrimination and victimisation;
  • Learn in a healthy and safe environment where the risks to personal health and safety are managed and minimised;
  • Have their personal details and records kept private and secure;
  • Access the information WISE holds about them;
  • Have their complaints dealt with fairly, promptly, confidentially and without retribution;
  • Make appeals about procedural and assessment decisions;
  • Receive training, assessment and support services that meet their individual needs;
  • Be given clear and accurate information about their course, training and assessment arrangements and their progress;
  • Access the support they need to effectively participate in their training program; and
  • Provide feedback to WISE on the client (student) services, training, assessment and support services they receive.

In the case if The WISE Academy closes or ceases to deliver the agreed training and/or assessment, students have the rights to:

  • complete their studies in another course or with another education provider OR
  • receive a refund of their unspent tuition fees

All students, throughout their training and involvement with WISE, are expected to:

  • Treat all people with fairness and respect and not do anything that could offend, embarrass, harass, victimize, threaten, discriminate against or disrupt others;
  • Treat all others and their property with respect;
  • Respect the opinions and backgrounds of others;
  • Follow all safety policies and procedures as directed by staff;
  • Report any perceived safety risks as they become known;
  • Not bring into any premises, any articles or items that may threaten the safety of self or others;
  • Notify us if any of their personal or contact details change;
  • Provide relevant and accurate information to WISE in a timely manner;
  • Approach their course with due personal commitment and integrity;
  • Complete all assessment tasks, learning activities and assignments honestly and without plagiarism;
  • Hand in all assessment tasks, assignments and other evidence of their work with a
  • completed and signed cover sheet;
  • Make regular contact with their trainer or assessor;
  • Progress steadily through their course in line with their training plan;
  • Prepare appropriately for all assessment tasks, visits and training sessions;
  • Notify WISE if any difficulties arise as part of their involvement in the program;
  • Notify WISE if they are unable to attend a visit or training session for any reason at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the commencement of the activity;
  • Refrain from smoking at training venues;
  • Make payments for their training within agreed timeframes.


  1. To facilitate learning, students are expected to actively participate in classes by asking relevant questions, answering questions, participating in group exercises and in other ways contributing to the positive learning environment within the class.
  • Where required, appropriate safety or protective clothing or equipment must be used by staff and students.
  • Students will complete all assignments, reading, worksheets etc. by the due date or prior to the respective class.
  • Where appropriate, students will assess the contribution of fellow students to group exercises.
  • Any student who is experiencing difficulty with academic or personal matters is invited to seek the assistance of the Student Advisor, Academic Staff or WISE Management – they all care and will do their best to help. The WISE staff will assist students to locate the required professional help.
  • Attendance at Work Experience is compulsory (where applicable) and failure to attend (i.e., participate as required; including appropriate attire and attitude) will result in a “Not Yet Competent” for the student for the particular Unit of Competency or ‘cluster’.  Students who are unable to attend a work experience day due to ill health are required to telephone the Office Administrator before the commencement of the work period and then present the Office Administrator with their medical certificate on their return to WISE.  Those students who have failed to complete the minimum requirement, will be counselled and required to, find another suitable work experience placement and complete it successfully.