Quality Assurance

The WISE Academy has an evidence-based and outcomes-focused approach to maintaining quality practices within its business.

Quality is assured in all aspects of the business, in particular training and assessment services, client (student) services and the management of The WISE Academy’s own operations. 

Feedback from internal and external stakeholders is systematically and regularly collected, collated and analysed and the outcomes are used to monitor and improve business operations.

The WISE Academy uses the following business occurrences to collect invaluable feedback from students, staff and/or stakeholders:

  • Course, student and class evaluation surveys or questionnaires;
  • Learner engagement and employer satisfaction surveys;
  • Interviews, focus groups and consultations with students, employers, industry organisations and licensing bodies;
  • Face to face contact between trainers/assessors and students;
  • Complaints and appeals;
  • Internal audit reports and organisational self-assessments;
  • Staff performance appraisal and self-assessment reports;
  • Internal staff meetings;
  • Moderation and validation exercises; and
  • Other interactions with stakeholders.
  • Students, prospective students and other clients are invited to provide their feedback on any aspect of our services at any time.  Feedback can be provided in person, over the phone or in writing. All feedback received will be used in The WISE Academy’s feedback and continuous improvement cycle.
  • The WISE Academy considers all experiences an opportunity to learn, reflect and improve.  Self-reflection and evaluation plays a key role in the organisation’s continuous improvement and all managers and staff are actively encouraged to participate in continuous improvement processes.

In line with the requirements of the VET Quality Framework, WISE collects and uses data on the three Quality Indicators to gauge its own performance.  The three endorsed indicators are:

  • Learner/Student Engagement;
  • Employer Satisfaction; and
  • Competency Completion.

Reports from the Quality Indicator feedback collection tools will be used by WISE to monitor and benchmark its performance at regular intervals.  This allows identification of:

  • Areas that need improvement;
  • Areas where performance is getting weaker;
  • Improvement targets; and
  • Whether the improvement plan is working.

Students and their employers (where appropriate) are asked to participate in this process by completing the learner engagement or employer satisfaction surveys when they are circulated.  Your completion of this survey helps us to monitor our performance, better understand your needs as well as provide a report to the Australian government on how well we’re doing as a registered training organisation.

More information on Quality Indicator Reporting can be found at: http://www.asqa.gov.au/vet-registration/comply-with-your-obligations/quality-indicator-reporting.html