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WISE (RTO88136) offers the Certificate III in Fitness (30315) with an emphasis on gym instructor and group fitness instructor.

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This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a range of activities and functions requiring autonomous work within a defined range of exercise instruction situations and activities. Qualification outcomes will depend on the elective grouping chosen and may include providing exercise instruction for group, aqua or gym programs.

Individuals who specialise in Group Exercise Instruction deliver exercise sessions designed for participation by a group of clients with a mix of ages/fitness levels. Sessions may be freestyle, pre-choreographed or circuit style. These individuals instruct and demonstrate complete exercise sessions to groups with limited individual interaction.

Individuals who specialise in Gym Instruction provide individually tailored client assessments, provide technique correction as needed, and develop and demonstrate programs. They also provide supervision of a facility or service, keep equipment clean, tidy and well maintained, and handle various customer inquiries.

Work may be undertaken in locations such as gyms, fitness facilities, pools and community facilities.  Job roles can include gym instructor, group exercise instructor and aqua instructor.

To be granted a Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30315), participants must complete the nine (9) core units and seven (7) elective units.  Through industry consultation, WISE is currently offering the following units as part of the qualification though we can also replace the elective units with ones suitable to your needs and/or career outcomes.  Contact us to discuss your individualised program. 

Core Units

Core Units

Provide health screening and fitness orientation [SISFFIT001]

Identify client fitness requirements, administer a pre-exercise health screening questionnaire.

Instruct fitness programs [SISFFIT003]

Plan, instruct and evaluate a variety of fitness programs and circuit sessions.

Provide healthy eating information [SISFFIT005]

Provide healthy eating information and support healthy attitudes to eating and body composition.

Provide quality service [SISXCCS001]

Address needs and expectations of clients and colleagues.


Maintain equipment for activities [SISXFAC001]

Conduct routine maintenance and minor repairs on equipment.

Recognise and apply exercise considerations for specific populations [SISFFIT002]

Recognise exercise considerations common to specific population groups.

Incorporate anatomy and physiology principles into fitness programming [SISFFIT004]

Incorporate an understanding of the human body structure and physiology into fitness instruction and programming. 

Instruct exercise to older clients [SISFFIT014]

Plan, instruct and evaluate exercise for male clients aged forty five and over, and female clients aged fifty five and over.


Work effectively in sport, fitness and recreation environments [SISXIND001]

Use industry knowledge to support the completion of day-to-day work activities.

Elective Units

Elective Units


Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business [BSBSMB401]

Learn how to manage legal and risk management requirements.


Market the small business [BSBSMB403]

Learn useful online and offline marketing strategies.


Undertake small business planning [BSBSMB404]

Create a Business Model Canvas and plan for your business.


Present, secure and support sales solutions [BSBSLS408]

Present sales solutions that respond to specific buying needs of a client.


Address client needs [SISXCCS003]

Manage ongoing and sometimes complex relationships with clients.


Instruct endurance programs [SISFFIT024]

Plan, instruct and evaluate endurance training programs for clients.


Instruct strength and conditioning techniques [SISSSTC301A]

Use drills, exercises and activities to instruct strength and conditioning techniques.


Develop strength and conditioning programs [SISSSTC402A]

Develop, implement and evaluate a strength and conditioning program.

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