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WISE (RTO88136) previously offered the Certificate IV in Fitness SIS40215 which has been superseded by SIS40221 Certificate IV in Fitness .  Currently we do not offer either of these qualifications.  To find out which other RTOs offer the SIS40221, go to 

Here are short courses you can enrol in to learn more about health and fitness. 

Core Units

Short Course Offerings


Exercise for people 13 to 17 years

In this short course, we discuss what to consider training young people who want to use fitness facilities and exercise.


Exercise science principles

Understand exercise science principles to increase your fitness programming and health 


Functional movement capacity

Understand what is functional movement and how exercise helps your healthy posture. 


Personal training programs (individual and group)

How do you choose an appropriate personal trainer?  What does personal training actually mean?  Find out in this short course.


Body composition goals

Find out how to design exercise plans to change and maintain desired and realistic body composition.


Healthy eating through the Eat for Health Program

Use the Eat for Health Program to help you meet your nutritional needs.


Strength and conditioning

There are many programs focusing on strength and conditioning.  In this course we cover the various types and discuss how to choose the best program to meet your needs and outcomes. 


Stages of Change for positive exercise behaviour

We discuss exercise and behaviour change strategies focused on having a positive exercise and health lifestyle.


Work with medical and allied health professionals

Learn how to discuss your wellness needs to medical or allied health professionals.


Long-term exercise programs

Find out the key principles to include when developing your long-term exercise program.


Dangers of nutrition advice

There is a lot of information in the media and online about how to lose weight and nutritional advice.  We discuss what to look for in the information to help you. 


Sustainable work practices in open spaces

What does it mean work in open spaces while upholding sustainable practices. Find out in this short course. 


Endurance Programs

Find out the key aspects to include in your training program while focusing on endurance. 

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