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The Wellness Business Institute is fortunate to have experts on its teaching staff.  A majority of our staff have a minimum 5 years in their respective industry; most of them have over 15 years experience.   The stories and case studies the team has to share are amazing – and TRUE!  The best learnings are from experiences.  The team will share what to do … and also what NOT to do! 

If you are passionate about creating professionals in the industry,making a difference and would like to be considered to be part of our experienced team, contact us!

dr dion kleinDr Dion Klein, Founder / Director (Gold Coast / Canberra)

Dr Dion has been involved in the health, fitness and wellness industry for over 30 years starting his career out in the USA as a physical educator, coach and massage therapist. He migrated to Australia in 1994 where he was in charge of the Sports Administration program at the University of Canberra where he had the opportunity to teach in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Sports Institute and in Fiji to the exectuives of the Oceanic Olympic Committee in the lead up to the 2000 Olympic Games.  After purchasing a gym in Canberra and running his corporate health business, he became heavily involved in the fitness industry serving as President of Fitness ACT as well as being on the Board of Fitness Australia. He was accepted to the Honor Roll of Fitness Australia in 2012 for his contribution to the Australian Fitness industry.

Being passionate about training and education, Dr Dion launched The WISE Academy in 2007 focusing on being the business school for the health and wellness industry.  The company was accepted to travel with the ACT Chief Minister to trade missions to India and also the United Arab Emerates to pursue exporting opportunities.  WISE also was successful in being awarded the CanberraBusinessPoint Business Plan Award 2009 and was a Finalist for the Sales Growth Award 2009.  More recently, The WISE Academy underwent a re-branding exercise; hence, the Wellness Business Institute.

donna mouldsDonna Moulds, CEO (Canberra)

Donna has over 9 years experience in Vocational Education and Training and has provided the opportunity to successfully complete a number of internal Audits with external organisations providing a greater understanding of the regulations in which RTO's must comply with.  Donna's philosophy around education is to provide opportunity for those who want to learn and re-educate themselves for a brighter future and financial stability. Her specialties include RTO Compliance and Management, personal and professional development, traineeship administration, overcoming adversity, and thinking creatively and strategically.

judy crostonJudy Croston (Canberra)

Judy Croston has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years.  Backed by a Bachelor of Home Economics (Nutrition) from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, Jude has worked in Canberra as a gym manager, a fitness instructor, Head adviser, fitness leader and nutritionist for the Mental Health Foundation and a personal trainer and consultant for Healthy Worksites. Judy specialises in nutrition and weight management, specific populations including those with mental health issues, and older adults.

mary de alviaMary de Alvia (Canberra)

Mary has been involved in the sport, health, fitness and wellness industry for 20 years in Canberra, as a client, coach, personal trainer, mentor and assessor. From high school Mary has had an interest in helping people develop their bodies and minds to create a strong and efficient machine. Mary has also had a strong presence in volunteering with local events including the Olympic Football in Canberra and organisations such as Tennis and Basketball ACT.

Mary has a passion for continuing education and currently holds qualifications in Recreation, Fitness, Sport Management and a Bachelor in Education (and a range of other certificates. Mary specialises in specific populations including those with mental health issues, and older adults.


wendy brookman1Wendy Brookman (Canberra)






donna louise attardDonna Louise Attard (Gold Coast)

With over 25 years experience as a meditation facilitator, healer, and owner of a clinical hypnotherapy and life-coaching clinic, Donna-Louise Attard is well versed in the power of the mind and how to create reality, either positive or negative, through thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. Donna is a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Life Coach, 20 years experience as a Meditation and Personal Development facilitator, qualified Holistic Counsellor and Reiki Master. Donna is also trained in a number of other health therapies including; aromatherapy, numerology, Kirlian diagnosis, Reiki and is a certified Angel Intuitive, having trained with Doreen Virtue in 2002.  She also specialises in the health and well-being of pregnant mums (check out

paul collins1Paul Collins (Sydney)

Coaching since age 14, what Paul brings is a passion and energy to help others achieve their goals through education and coaching. Paul's experience includes working at the grass roots right through to presenting to elite sporting bodies such as the Australian Track and Field Coaching Association, Australia Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association, Australian Rugby League and the Australian Fitness Industry, being a Personal Fitness Coach of world-class athletes including Australian Olympic and Paralympic Swimming World Champions as well as Strength & Conditioning Coach of elite sporting teams including Manly Rugby Union Team and the Australian Karate Team.

jonathan movitzJonathan Movitz (Melbourne)

Jonathan is the Creator and Founder of ‘Conscious Leadership’, an organization committed to training, teaching and facilitating ‘change and transformation’ strategies with the vision to expand conscious awareness and create leaders with heart and soul all across the globe.Jonathan has been practicing and pursuing the journey to divine enlightenment for 33 years and has studied under an enlightened master for well over 20 years. 

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